Yes I love my country music and yes Frankie Ballard inspired the title of this blog post. But, c’mon, there is nothing hotter than Givenchy boots! Or Givenchy anything for that matter :)

So I know what you’re thinking, thousand dollar boots are not exactly in my budget. And the reason I know you’re thinking that is because they’re def not in mine either, but hey a girl can dream can’t she!

If there’s one thing in life that I firmly believe in, it’s that you need to constantly remind yourself the things you want in life. You want to have 52 weeks of vacation a year, print off a picture of the Almalfi Coast and tape it your mirror. Yes, it might make you jealous for the next how many years, but you will be constantly reminded to always work your a** off and you will eventually start seeing your vacation days going up and up. With that said, you might have guessed by now that in the corner of my mirror is a fancy big picture of $2000 boots.

Givenchy boot

Found on Resultly.

These flawless black leather with gold accent tones. UGH there is nothing better in life. I’ve recently started noticing that black and gold have become my staple for everything. My Coach purse is all black leather with just the most subtle hints of gold. I also have a gold watch, gold in my shades, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of. I wonder what that says about me.. maybe that I have excellent taste? Yes, definitely.

So back to the boots. I’ll give you three reasons any girl should strive for these boots, or three excuses to dip into the savings and buy them- depending on how you look at it ;)

1. They will look good with anything, and I mean anything. Let’s think about this for a second. The height of this boot and where it will hit on your leg is essential for any type of bottoms or outfit. Skinny jeans, check. Boot cut jeans, check. Simply roll them up to cuff at the bottom and let it fall at just the top of the boot. A dress/skirt, yes. Whether it’s winter with some tights underneath or spring paired with a cute pencil skirt, it will look good always.

2. They’ll last you forever. Now, I don’t know if your momma ever told you quality over quantity, in friends and shoes. Because that sure does apply here. Givenchy boots are crafted to last. They aren’t crazy expensive just for fun and people wouldn’t die for them if they were. Their products will last you, and that’s a promise.

3. You will turn heads. Strut your stuff down the catwalk (or sidewalk) in these bad boys and people will notice. Enough said.

Givenchy Boots

Givenchy website

I mean honestly, any site that starts off with that image is like looking in the eyes of the girl who stole prom queen right under your nose, they know what they’re doing!