From my hair to my clothes, ombre is in. And that’s why you better believe I’ve got an ombre dress to match my hair!

I’m naturally a brunette and I’ve had literally every hair color you can think of. I’ve been darker than dark, auburn, carmel, my natural medium brown with highlights, light brown, my natural with blonde highlights and of course the ombre, which was my favorite and majority of my friends favorites. As a natural brunette, I was always sticking with the brown hues and the occasional auburn. I never thought I could pull off the blonde, nor did I want to, since with my baby blues, dark hair never looked so good. So then one summer I decided i’d go ombre. It was just at the start of it starting to come into style and it was the perfect way for me to get the blonde look I secretly wanted while maintaining my darker roots at the top to still look natural against my face. So anywho, enough about my hair. It rocks and you should try the ombre if you haven’t already, it literally looks good on anyone.. as long as you have a good stylist. We don’t want any drastic lines,  but gradual fading. :)

So these ombre dresses you say? Well yes, they’re simply brilliant! ombre dress


This one is $110 from Revolve Clothing, which actually has really cute clothes if you haven’t checked them out yourself, but I found it along with a bunch of other styles and options here:

An ombre dress like the one above is perfect for the summer, and for any occasion. You could wear it to a wedding or a summer bbq, it’s very versatile. I love the smooth transition, especially from one color to white, as it gives you a good variety of options for shoes. As a shortie, I’m not a huge fan of high-lows without some heels or wedges, but this length is perfect, not too short or too long in the back to still feel sexy, cute and that you can wear any style of shoe you want!

This is also the perfect date night dress- day or evening. It rides the fine line of scandalous and classy to give off the perfect impression. No wrong ideas you’ll need to worry about giving off with this one. You could even wear it with a blazer to provide a super chic look while still feeling like you’re showing enough skin in the leg. I mean really, what more can I say! This is definitely a summer closet fav in my book and I highly recommend them for every girl, any occasion.