Mint is the color of  spring  and freshness. It is not a simple color to pull off. Unless, you are so confident and do not care about what other people might think about you.

I never was crazy about mint color, especially I would not think in milliners that I will wear mint shoes ever in my life. I love shoes more than anything and have, lets say too many shoes for a regular girl. However, mint was just never something I was shopping until this year when I saw a cute pair of mint heels on a friend of mine. Thats when it all started…

I went to one of the Macy’s stores downtown and the hunting was on. I do not remember how many hours I spent in the store on that day…maybe five or more, it was morning when I started and when I got out it was already dark outside. It is always surprising me how you can not feel hunger when you shop. Unfortunately , I did not find anything nice. I saw some flats that were mint color, but I am a total  high heels kind of person, so it would not satisfy me.

The very next day, I continued my “hunting” online. I had no idea it can be a s much excited as shopping in the stores! Of course, I bought a lot of things just as what I would have done in the actual store, but oh well.. I am a girl after all. thats what girls suppose to do, right?

I loved results from this online store, and I was happy to buy my perfect mint shoes from there. It was delivered the same week and I could not wait to wear them out! Fortunately, a good friend of mine was organizing a little girls get together so I didn’t have to wait too long. The one dilemma I had left it is to find a dress and a clutch to wear it with. So, I continued more shopping, this time in Nordstrom and I was lucky to find a little black dress very fast( one hour top).

the last stop was jewelry and I think it is a hard part of shopping. I love expensive stuff, so I did not want to buy something cheap and then never wear it again. I was lucky again to find a hundred dollars necklace that was kind of mint… It looked good together.

After that night, I keep getting compliments on my “provocative” kind of look. I wore that outfit again later and I can not get enough of it. I would totally recommend any girl to try to pull this off for sure at least once in your life! Spring or summer time will be perfect for it;just do not be scared to try new things. Mint shoes are waiting for you, girl!