Lace is the sexiest thing that was made of all times. Lace everything from skirts to tops, shoes and dresses, you name it. All of those will look always hot and provocative every time one wears it.

Lately, I got obsessed with lace leggings; it has been trending crazily in Hollywood and finally I decided I should try that look too. It was pretty easy to find leather leggings, but for lace leggings I had to spend some decent time in the stores. Fortunately, search on the Resultly app really helped. I eventually bought a couple of them in Nordstrom and Akira.

The bigger problem was to find something to wear the leggings with. Obviously, I did want to pull of some sexy look , but also, I did not want to look like a girl from the night club. So, I figured I need some long dress or a long top/sweater. I went shopping with my sister and both of us got tons of dresses and tops of different colors. Since  my lace leggings were black I could match it with any color I wanted too.

Although, I loved how I looked in the leggings and tops we got for me, I would not recommend it to wear with open shoes. I tried it once and it looked very weird.In my opinion, pumps or boots look the best for that kind of outfit. Also, I would not recommend to wear them to work. It will be too much for the office look (unless your co-workers are super cool).

After I got my lace leggings, I have been buying a lot of them for my girlfriends’ birthdays and they all loved it. One of the girls wear them with black mini skirt and a black top; it looks super hot. Maybe I will pull that look sometime soon too!

But for now, I wear it everywhere I go  with a  long sweater and I get compliments all the time. Probably, at some point I will have to stop being too shy and try to wear it with something more fun.