How cute is the white jumpsuit? right?! I am so upset that summer is over and I can not wear mine anymore…

If you never have wore a white jumpsuit yet, you have to run in the store right now and get one! I was refusing to buy this kind of suit for years until I saw a friend of mine wearing it. Everyone gave her so many compliments  that, of course, made me think if I should buy that!

Of course, it is not something very practical… First of all it is white , meaning one will have to be extremely careful wearing it. So many times when we spill the wine or coffee, in this case you might have to take it to the cleaners. Second of all,  white color get everyone’s attention right the way! You have to make sure you look good from toes to head. Your shoes and jewelry have to match!

I used to wear my jumpsuit with black heels, black necklace and ponytail. Or, red heels and red blazer on top. That is a big plus about white jumpsuits. Always easy to match with any other color, no need to overthink about shoes or jewelry. The other thing that white gives you a very clean sexy look and that is exactly what you want in the summer season.

The hardest part for me it was to find the jumpsuit that fits me right. I am not super tall (5’7) and most of them were not fitting me perfectly. I tried some from DrJays store, but nothing felt right.  I looked for some online and found a really sexy one here. The price was great and shipping was free as well. Also, I decided to to order a black pair of new heels, did not really had a need for it but could not resist.  And thats where I bought my  black necklace to match the whole outfit.

The first time when  I wore my new white jumpsuit was at one gala event. What can I say… Everyone loved it and said I looked absolutely adorable! Some people even asked me where did I get that suit and was planning on getting one too!

Since then, I wore it many, many times and was very said when summer was over. However, I got another brand new jumpsuit for the next summer already and I can not wait to wear that look again. I am thinking, next time I wear it, I will match it with my new pink heels!