Your feet are made for walking and what better way to do so is by having the right shoes for you.

Over the years, I have seen designers and shoemakers make an exquisite pair of high-heeled shoes. More than three or four pairs every year will come out to please a woman’s need to desire more shoes.

However, as time progresses, more and more women have turned into working moms. There is now a need to surrender the coveted high-heeled shoes and trade it with a bland pair of flats.

Luckily, the shoemakers have noticed the change in trend that they have decided to beautify the flat shoe industry. You can now see various designs of flats from the thong sandals, ballet flat shoes, t strap flats and slip-ons to name a few.

Women nowadays remain to be a trendsetter with these flats and designers have seen the potential to come up with designs for their up and coming clientele. The T strap flats suited the working mom’s lifestyle.

Ebay has a list of T strap flats varying from brand and design that you can choose from. These flats are perfect for strolling with your kids at the park or playing peekaboo on a nearby playground.

t strap flats

Using the T strap flats does not mean sacrificing your sense of style. These flats can still be worn in formal parties especially if you are pregnant or attending a party with small children. Like the Forever 21 t strap flats (pictured above), the shoes still look classy enough to be worn in a party but at the same time brings comfort to you and to your feet.

And now, this trend has spread and even young people seem to take notice. Alexa Chung is wearing a pair of Valentino t-strap flats, edgy and casual.

The t- trap gives the illusion of a sexy foot because strap gives a lovely silhouette of your foot to your ankle.

Resultly also offers a wide array of strap flats that you can choose from. I currently like the collections from Riverberry for women. The flat sandals that they have is perfect for showing off that pedicure you had or if you do have nice feet, show it off with one of the t-strap flat sandals that they have. For your young girls who are fashionistas just like you, the website have the Melissa collection.

Now who is worried about tired feet?

t strap flats